The final HEEAP Vocational Cohort reflects on their time at ASU

The year 2017 marks the last year of the Intel-sponsored HEEAP Vocational and University Cohorts. For the past six years, two groups of approximately 25 engineering professors from vocational schools and universities in Vietnam have come to spend their summer break at ASU learning innovative ways to make their classrooms more engaging and to ultimately better prepare their students for a career in engineering immediately following graduation. Since 2012 there have been 301 Vietnamese professors who have participated in the HEEAP Cohorts.

Intel’s Grand Master Challenge Fellowship launched in Vietnam

The Intel Grand Master Challenge Fellowship offers 19 graduate students a scholarship to attend Arizona State University for a year-long graduate program, as well as a living stipend. University visits throughout Vietnam were conducted by the Fellowship program staff in the last two weeks of March in order to promote the scholarship to senior year undergraduate students. 

Intel Continues Scholarship Program for Technical Female Students

107_82-_SON7970.jpgHo Chi Minh City, 12th December 2014, Intel Products Vietnam Co. Ltd, for the 3rd consecutive year, granted another 109 scholarships for 109 female students from 13 technical Universities and Colleges with total value of VND708 mil. The scholarship is part of Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) and has been implemented from 2012.

Effort to boost Vietnam’s engineering education gains major industry partner

Program works to bolster global high-tech industry

Arizona State University’s effort to modernize engineering education in Vietnam has gained another major industry partner.

National Instruments will team with ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering to provide research and teaching tools to engineering programs at eight Vietnam universities and vocational education institutions.