Intel Galileo Student Competition

A student competition named “Racing with Intel Galileo” was held in Cao Thang Technical College under the sponsorship of Intel via HEEAP program from November 2014 to April 2015.

The primary purpose of the competition was to bring students a chance to apply knowledge learned into practice as well as to show their creativity spirit and passion for technology. This opportunity also gave students access to program-based motherboard-embedded Intel Galileo.

There were 24 teams attending the first round with the top six teams making the final round. The winning team proved their understanding and skills in programing by using the given boards to design autonomous toy cars completed the challenging course of racing lines exactly.

The competition was organized by a group of faculty members in the Automation Department and Electronic Engineering, including Ngo Thi Thanh Binh and Nguyen Thanh Phuoc, who attended a HEEAP faculty training in ASU back to 2011.

For more event photos, please visit Flickr.

Photo Captions: (top right) Students prepare for the "Racing with Intel Galileo" competition at CTTC (bottom left) Judges observing the competition.