Intel’s Grand Master Challenge Fellowship launched in Vietnam

The Intel Grand Master Challenge Fellowship offers 19 graduate students a scholarship to attend Arizona State University for a year-long graduate program, as well as a living stipend. University visits throughout Vietnam were conducted by the Fellowship program staff in the last two weeks of March in order to promote the scholarship to senior year undergraduate students. 

Students were invited to explore the opportunity to embark in programs such as aerospace, biomedical, chemical, mechanical or sustainable engineering. As well as materials science and engineering, sustainability solutions or solar energy engineering and commercialization. Students were vetted by university staff to ensure they met GPA and English proficiency standards. Ten students, and seven other hopeful applicants, have begun the process of submitting their pre-screening application. 

In the next phase, there will be two additional stages including an interview with the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and Intel, and lastly by submitting applications to their chosen ASU degree program.

INTEL Grand Master Challenge Fellowship at ASU.jpg

Hayden Library at the ASU Tempe campus. Join the fellowship and come enjoy the weather and beautiful scenery that Arizona has to offer.