The University of Danang - University of Science and Technology

The University of Danang - University of Science and Technology (UD-DUT), traces back its roots to the former Danang Higher Education Institute which was established in 1975 and has been officially named The University of Danang - University of Science and Technology since 1976. UD-DUT today, is one of the three leading technological universities in Vietnam that has a responsibility to train technical and technological staff as well as managers at advanced levels. 

UD-DUT is also a scientific research and technology transfer center playing an important role in developing and applying advanced technologies In order to industrialize and modernize the country, especially in the central coast and central highlands. Many generations of teachers and students of Danang University of Science and Technology are very proud of our 35 years of building and developing. Starting as a university founded after the liberation of Southern Vietnam, after more than 35 years, the university has provided the nation with thousands of engineers, managers and teachers in the field of technology, which reinforces its position in the Vietnamese educational system.

During many years, UD-DUT has kept expanding its scope of undergraduate and postgraduate education, building facilities, enhancing the staff's ability, and essentially innovating teaching goals, programs and methods. The number of co-operative undergraduate and postgraduate programs with overseas universities is increasing, which helps many students to approach world-class training programs. Currently, we have established relationships with more than fifty universities, centers, research institutes and educational organizations in over twenty countries in the world, taking part in many international university networks. Through international collaboration, there have been many teachers and students who have had opportunities to go overseas for study and research each year. As a leader in science and technology, UD-DUT always focuses on the link between education and scientific research. The university is a pioneer in developing Teaching Research Team - TRT model in order to attract investment and enhance the quality of scientific research and technology transfer. Through focused investment and in-
depth investment programs, UD-DUT has built many state-of-the-art research centers and laboratories. As a result, many scientific research and technology transfer projects carried out by the university have been awarded patents and successfully applied in reality.

UD-DUT is one of the first universities joining in the educational quality control system according to the Accreditation Standards issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, and it is certified as an Educational Standard School by the National Council. With more than thirty five years of building and development and making significant contributions to the development and protection of our country, the university has been granted many honors and awards, including a Labour Medal in 2005 and many other merits by the Government, Ministries, Departments and local governments.