HCMC University of Technology and Education

HCMUTE is currently listed as one of the top 10 universities in Vietnam and also a member in the top group of Southeast Asia universities (basing on standard evaluation index). HCMUTE strives for the award 'Heroic Organization of Labor' and the 1st Class Independence Medal by the 55th Anniversary of HCMUTE’s establishment. To do that, HCMUTE will adopt a "hybrid model" to simultaneously promote, blend and harmonize the strength of our three educational trends: engineering, technology and pedagogy. By this way, HCMUTE will not only firmly stand at its current leading position in the area of professional higher education and technical applications, but also move forward to a higher level in doing research focusing on several key majors in the near future. This model will incorporate the management methodologies for both a university and a business enterprise. In order to realize the above ambitions, we will accomplish seven programs with the following core content:


• Implementing comprehensive solutions to make HCMUTE become a learning organization

• Adopting new strategies to develop our faculty so that by the year 2018, the number of qualified faculty members of HCMUTE will achieve at or above the national average

• Enhancing language skills for faculty and students of HCMUTE

Training and quality assurance:

• Implementing hybrid model in training, ascending subjects taught entirely in English or bilingually, combining traditional teaching method with online learning and mobile learning

• Continuing to effectively improve and implement the 150-credit training program adapting CDIO approach with a real revolution in methods of teaching, learning and assessment as well as building successfully a teaching assistant (TA) system

• Striving, by the year 2018, to have about 50% of the training program accredited by the standards of international or regional accreditation organizations

• Focusing on investment for expanding more PhD and Master Degree programs

• Investigating, summarizing and replicating High-quality training model 

Management framework and finance:

• Implementing overall quality management; Handing right of self-decision making and responsibility over Faculty or Departments especially for issues in the related professional academic fields

• Developing and implementing a strategy for exploiting internal resources to increase revenues from scientific research, services and savings

• Improving energy and equipment efficiency

• Aligning fiscal policy in the direction of promoting professional activities and ensuring fairly distributed income for employees based on key performance index (KPI) system

• Applying information technology thoroughly across all activities at the university 

Scientific research, technology transfer and infrastructure:

• Constructing HCMUTE as a scientific center both nationally and internationally

• Incorporating closely scientific research with post-graduate training; Building laboratories in  association with specific trends of scientific research and post-graduate training

• Promoting technology transfer activities by cooperation with enterprises

• Constructing and investing on a learning resource center to facilitate learning and teaching  processes

• Improving investment on infrastructure by sponsorship through international cooperative  projects, alumni and businesses

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