Engineering Design Construction Seminar at HVCT

On 12th April, 2014, the female HEEAP 2013 cohort from HVCT organized a seminar on engineering design in instruction. This was a great opportunity for the HEEAP alumni to share their knowledge on innovative teaching methods to their colleagues.


The workshop started with a lecture on active learning from an expert of University of Technical Education. A designing contest followed up in which participants had to form teams to replicate a Lego model. Contestants were required to limit their internal communication to hand and body gesture only. The shape of the model had to be memorized and no drawing or photo was allowed.

Although it looked like the conference hall was turned into a playground, it was the perfect set-up for workshop organizers to help participants explore the importance of team work in engineering design. The participants were actively engaged in the contest which is exactly the way the organizers want them to learn and in the future apply these activities in their own classes.

88_HVCT-organized-a-seminar-on-engineering-design-in-instruction.jpgThis workshop is the first one in the series of activities that HEEAP alumni of HVCT plan to implement at their campus.

Article by:
Hoa G. Nguyen, PhD

More pictures can be found on theHEEAP FLICKR SITE