Maker Innovation Spaces in action

On Monday, August 21, 2017, Saigon Hi-Tech Park held a 3D design workshop in the Maker Innovation Space for university students. More than 40 students attended the workshop learning how to design and print products using 3D printers. This will be a first among many programming opportunities in a space designed to support innovation, design-build projects and provide a space for students to experience an applied project curriculum in the rapidly developing STEM fields.
The University of Danang Maker Innovation Space recently hosted U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius and Consul General Mary Tarnowka as they interacted with students who were learning how to design, prototype and create products in the space. 
The Maker Innovation Space is a critical part of the BUILD-IT project. The space is a key component in initiating a culture of innovation by providing an experiential space where students and faculty can design, create, innovate and develop work-ready competencies. The area is designed to empower faculty and students to engage in a range of activities such as sharing ideas, designing, building, and developing new products. Students will also have an opportunity to engage in a combination of hands-on processes, networking and participate in industry led programming.