HVCT Seminar 2014

On May 17th, 2014, the female HEEAP 2013 cohort from HVCT organized an exchange seminar between industry and students to compare the needs of foreign language and informatics knowledge with the needs of employers. This was a great opportunity for students to learn about the needs, as well as the requirements of employers. 

The purpose of this conference was to aid students to rearrange their learning strategies to achieve a successful career. The conference was pleased to welcome the arrival of the recruiters and managers from Intel Viet Nam, Fujikura Viet Nam, Scancom as well as the attendance of HVCT rector, vice rector, and about 200 students.

The workshop started with the introduction of each company. In this seminar, the students had the chance to discuss and ask the recruiters questions about qualities that would make them a good candidate for entering the workforce. The workshop was extremely successful with positive attitudes from students and the visiting companies. Through this event, our students realized the necessity of learning a foreign language, especially English, the importance of informatics, as well as the need for strong academics to overcome challenges in the economy of integration and development.

93_HEEAP-2013-cohort-of-HVCT1.jpg 93_HEEAP-2013-cohort-of-HVCT2.jpg 93_HEEAP-2013-cohort-of-HVCT3.jpg

This workshop is the second step in a series of activities that HEEAP 2013 alumni of HVCT plan to implement at our campus.
More picture of the workshop can be found here: