HEEAP Vietnamese Professors Receive Prestigious Grant

We are proud to announce the achievements of Dr. Phan Hong Phuong and Dr. Hanh Nguyen, who were selected among a small group of individuals to be 2013 Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) Visiting Scholars to serve as ambassadors from their country. They each had to demonstrate superior academic achievement and commitment to the educational and scientific development of Vietnam, with a proposed outlined development plan. The VEF is an independent U.S. government agency for professional development created by Congress.

Dr. Phuong will work to develop a UWB antenna design procedure that can contribute to a generalized design process for UWB transceivers in Professor Constantine A. Balanis’ lab at ASU. During her one-year stay, she hopes to network among career professionals and learn more about American culture.

Dr. Nguyen will work to upgrade her course, “Electrical components in electric power plants and substations” at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), and will initiate a sustainable collaboration between HUST and ASU in the field of power systems engineering. She looks forward to participating in academic conferences and seminars while developing her teaching skills.

Interviews by Christina Silvestri