HEEAP University Faculty Development Cohort- April 2015

During the second quarter of 2015, ASU hosted a HEEAP faculty workshop for 25 Vietnamese University faculty members in Tempe, Ariz. The faculty members learned about different teaching methodologies and techniques for introducing active learning and student-centered activities into their existing courses. Faculty members learned about formative assessment techniques such as Think-Pair-Share and Minute Paper as well as student engagement techniques such as Everyday Examples in Engineering. For each of these approaches, faculty developed examples applied directly to their own courses. 

Members of the HEEAP University training that took place May 27- June 6, 2015

During this workshop, faculty members also learned about various methods for introducing design-thinking into a course. These approaches ranged from creating open-ended components for standard textbook problems to creating significant desktop project experiences which engage students in the subject to large-scale, problem-based learning (PBL) course activities. In order to create a deeper understanding of the role of design in engineering instruction, faculty participated in a weeklong PBL activity where they were tasked to work in teams to design a wearable system for facilitating communication and scheduling during a simulated disaster-relief exercise while using microcontrollers, sensor networks and Wi-Fi communication protocols. During this activity the faculty learned first-hand about teamwork principles and roles as well as methods for evaluating and guiding team and individual performance in design projects.
The workshop also had units on learning management systems and on utilizing technology to develop flipped and hybrid classes. Faculty members learned about the instructional benefits of online courses, flipped classes and using LMS to interact with students for grading and instruction. In one activity on instructional technology, faculty scripted and created digital stories with WeVideo to use as entry events to their flipped classes. 

Faculty members learned techniques for introducing active learning activities into their courses

During the six-week workshop, faculty members also toured the TechShop in Chandler, Ariz., the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, ASU’s QESST Engineering Research Center and Human-Centered Robotics laboratory. Faculty members also learned about the various engineering support systems that ASU has developed to support student success, such as career center programs, undergraduate teaching assistant programs and undergraduate student research programs. Faculty members also learned about accreditation practices and developed a series of appropriately leveled course learning outcomes (CLOs) for their target courses.
The workshop concluded with faculty members presenting to their peers the portfolios they had developed over the six weeks which demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of pedagogy. These portfolio presentations also allowed the faculty to illustrate with specific examples how they will implement the many techniques learned during the six weeks. 

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Photo Captions:

1. Members of the HEEAP University training that took place May 27- June 6, 2015

2. Faculty members learned techniques for introducing active learning activities into their courses