HEEAP representatives share experiences at the annual MoIT training conference in Da Nang

During the month of July, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) hosted their annual training conference for personnel in Da Nang. This conference aimed to provide 200 MoIT employees and representatives from 49 universities and colleges with the most up-to-date information about ongoing and future projects.

Khoi Le Van and Quang Vo, representatives from ASU, gave a presentation about ASU activities in Vietnam, including HEEAP and VULII projects at the conference. They discussed technologies that have been helping ASU management and administration. Khoi shared his perspective on methods for improving the quality of Vietnamese workforce training and how ASU has supported current innovative ERP projects at the Department of Human Resource Development.

Other presenters during the MoIT conference included E-commerce and Information Technology Agency, Microsoft and Oracle. They presented information on various projects and technological solutions that address MoIT faculty’s challenges in their teaching and training programs. They also discussed ideas for how to enhance MoIT internal management processes. The partnership between ASU and MoIT has once again been strengthened by ASU’s continued participation in the conference.

Photo Caption: Khoi Le Van shared HEEAP’s activities in supporting higher education at the annual MoIT training conference.