HCMC People’s Committee sends 10 executives to Smart City Workshop at ASU

Intel Products Vietnam (IPV), and the Office of Global Outreach and Extended Education (GOEE) at Arizona State University, organized a Smart City Executive Workshop for 10 delegates from the HCMC People’s Committee on April 24-28, 2017. During the Smart City Executive Workshop, ASU leadership, researchers and scientists proposed models to help define and design projects to further support the 2016-2020 breakthrough programs in the Ho Chi Minh City Smart City Plan.

The plan aims to target seven main focus areas: traffic congestion and traffic accidents, pollution, urban flooding, quality of human resources, administrative reform and digital government, urban renovation and development and finally economic competitiveness and development

Smart City 1.jpg

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee with Arizona State University Leadership at the Smart
City Executive Workshop held at the ASU Tempe Campus. From left: Do Duc Trung, Vo Minh Thanh,
Lam Nguyen Hai Long, Jennifer Carter, Kyle Squires, Nguyen Huynh Long, Tran Anh Tuan,
Le Bich Loan, Le Quoc Cuong, Bui Hong Son, Doan Minh Huy, Jeff Goss, Ly Khanh Tam Thao.
Photo courtesy of HEEAP.

The HCMC People’s Committee and the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group have jointly developed a strategic plan to transform Ho Chi Minh City into a Smart City by 2025. With citizens being the core focus, the vision of the HCMC Smart City Plan is to facilitate sustainable and effective growth with continuous improvement of livability and services to citizens by leveraging modern technology. As part of a comprehensive approach, ASU is taking on a mentor role to share models for optimizing and improving the HCMC Smart City Plan by analyzing and exploring models for implementation.

Smart City 3.jpg

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee visit Intel Chandler Campus for an IoT session. From Left:
Tran Anh Tuan, Do Duc Trung, Vo Minh Thanh, Ly Khanh Tam Thao, Nguyen Huynh Long, Rigo Lopez,
Nehal Mehta, Susan Tauzer, Le Quoc Cuong, Kathy Wigal, Michelle Pham, Bui Hong Son,
Doan Minh Huy and Lam Nguyen Hai Long. Photo courtesy of HEEAP.

The workshop’s objective was to foster the development of ideas and to guide the People’s Committee in the selection of various projects. These projects are aimed to target key issues, provide technical support through faculty and research centers, and to implement information and communication technology, internet of things technology as well as cloud and big data solutions for Ho Chi Minh City.

The workshop was successfully conducted in close cooperation with IPV. During the workshop, the delegates met with 30 ASU experts, 3 local city government authorities and 7 industry partner leaders. The workshop culminated in a facilitated outcomes session in which the delegates identified pilot projects to be pursued in the form of a “test bed” prior to executing ideas at scale, and in the form of student masters applied projects.

Smart City 2.jpg

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee completes a week-long Smart City Executive Workshop held at
Arizona State University. From bottom left: Angela Harguess, Kathy Wigal, Le Bich Loan, Michelle Pham
and Catalina Monsalve. Second row, from left: Lam Nguyen Hai Long, Nguyen Huynh Long, Jeff Goss, Le Quoc Cuong,
Tran Anh Tuan and Ly Khanh Tam Thao. Top row, from left: Do Duc Trung, Doan Minh Huy, Vo Minh Thanh, Jose Quiroga
and Bui Hong Son. Photo courtesy of Susan Garrison.

As a key technology corporate partner, Intel Products Vietnam, made an official announcement early March to sponsor the Intel Grand Challenge Masters Fellowship Program at ASU. This program will further support the implementation of Ho Chi Minh City’s plan. The project’s goal is to develop a bi-lateral smart city institute for fellows to implement the applied projects. The long term expected result is a future state partnership facilitation between Intel, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, HCMC People’s Committee, ASU and other strategic industry partners.