Electrical Knowledge Student Competition Organized By CTTC

A workshop was organized by the CTTC HEEAP 2013 June group on the topic of Electrical Knowledge. The purpose of the workshop was on improving professional knowledge. With the principle “Practice makes perfect” this workshop was designed to help students improve their theory and gain valuable hands on experience. This workshop also assisted in the development of soft skills for students such as teamwork, presentation and problem solving skills. With active support from the school managing board, the CTTC HEEAP 2013 June group organized an "ELECTRICAL KNOWLEDGE” mini game. The competition was organized over 2 rounds, preliminary and final. It attracted 24 teams making up a total of about 100 students. The participants worked with the presence of an actively cheering audience made up of hundreds of students.The competition was inaugurated on 28/03/2014 at Cao Thang Technical College. With 24 teams through the qualifying round, they will have 9 teams in the final round. The final round time: 11/04/2014 and 28/04/2014 to choose the winners.

Article by:

Nguyen Tuan, CTTC Lecturer

More pictures can be found on the HEEAP FLICKR SITE