Educational technology and English woven creatively in classrooms at HCMUTE

During the third of week of August, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education hosted a Moodle training seminar for 30 English faculty members chaired by Tin Dang. Arizona State University Instructional Designer Ngoc Ngo and Global Educator James Cervin conducted a week-long training that focused on improving the digital pedagogy and delivery of language learning modalities through a learning management system. Ngo and Cervin tackled such topics as test and quiz design, embedding video, the utilization of discussion boards and creating a community of practice and engaged learning outside of the classroom walls.

Moodle 1.jpg

Global Educator James Cervin (far left) leads a classroom discussion on English
language acquisition. Photo courtesy of BUILD-IT.

Each day, participants were provided with guides, techniques and hands-on opportunities to not only learn how to use the Moodle features to enhance English language acquisition, but also to appreciate the academic value and multiple adaptations and uses for student engagement in their courses.

Moodle 2.jpg

The 17 participants of the Moodle training class proudly stand with their instructors,
Ngoc Ngo (fifth from left) and James Cervin (tenth from left). Photo courtesy of BUILD-IT.

By the end of the fifth day, participants were able to design an aesthetically appealing course in which materials were organized to ensure maximal navigability with customized learning paths for various learners. Most importantly, the training has helped participants gain confidence in applying educational technology creatively in their teaching.