CTTC and CTU program teams undergo mock visit in November

During the week of November 2, the first set of VULII-provided mock accreditation visits will be conducted at CTTC and CTU. These mock visits are focused on criteria related to program continuous improvement processes and student learning. The assessors will provide expert feedback on the program’s educational objectives, relations with constituencies, student outcomes and the program’s assessment and evaluation of the student learning related to those student outcomes.

The two programs from CTTC undergoing a mock visit are Electrical Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. At CTU, Mechatronics and Software Engineering programs will participate in the mock visit. Starting last year, the four program teams have been working on writing a simplified self-study and have received several coaching sessions from the VULII project team via both Skype calls and in-country meetings. Other essential activities and documents needed for the mock visit are under final preparation.