Announcing the HEEAP Slogan Competition!

Competition Rules

We need your ingenuity to create a slogan. The slogan should be short and represent the new focus of the Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP). Since its inception in 2010 HEEAP has focused on Engineering education, as we continue to leverage deep and diverse government-industry-academic-partnerships to advance Vietnam we have seen a need to expand into the broader Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education (STEM) field. Our goal is to link STEM instruction in Vietnamese higher education institutions to the needs and capabilities of industry partners to produce graduates who can lead inclusive technology-based growth.

We need a slogan that will inform the public about this new focus and grab their attention in just a few words.

slo·gan (noun)

  • a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
  • a motto associated with a political party or movement or other group.


Vietnamese (please provide the English translation with your submission).


Open to all HEEAP Alliance supporters


The competition deadline is 31 December 2015. We will notify winners by email during the month of January 2016.


Email your ideas to with “HEEAP Slogan Competition” in the subject line, your full name and your slogan idea.


The winner will receive a price of US $100 worth of ASU apparel and accessories, as well as be recognized on Facebook and Twitter




Slogan Inspiration