250 faculty members trained to implement project-based learning

After the first Project Based Learning Models (PBL) Workshop in September 2017, a series of PBL workshops were conducted by the BUILD-IT Project from January to May 2018.  Approximately 250 participants from BUILD-IT partner schools attended. The workshops were led by Scott Danielson, lead of BUILD-IT Developing Quality and Project Based Curriculum and co-leader of the Maker Network in Vietnam.

Building on the project based curriculum models and value to student learning workshop, participants enhanced their knowledge about structuring and monitoring student progress on a major project. They began applying methods for assessing student attainment of both technical and generic course learning outcomes and building a curriculum to incorporate student projects. They also learned to identify good project ideas and addressed funding issues for project based learning activities.

In the recent project based learning workshop, participants also learned the practical aspects of industry-supported project procurement and tracking. The participants were given proven tools and techniques for approaching companies, as well as approaches for developing, and subsequently using, company awareness regarding the value and limitations of student projects.

The key outcome for this type of workshop was for participants to understand that project based learning results in the development of program capacity to successfully implement project based curriculum reform using industry supported projects.

By Dang Tran Phuong Anh